Marc Chagall (1887-1985), Aurore à Saint-Paul (Dawn at Saint-Paul), 1968

 Marc Chagall, Aurore à Saint-Paul (Dawn at Saint-Paul), 1968, color lithograph


With the beautiful white moon setting so the day can began, and the lovers still enjoying each others company, it’s as if the viewer is captured in the moment. With the town resting in the background and donkey ready to take them back, the couple appears hesitant, as if they don’t want to leave. Caught in the glow of the moonlight and each other, they are in love which Chagall masterfully expresses in this dreamlike imagery.

Full of expression and warm emotional imagery, the line quality in this work is extremely textured with a turbulent gestural quality creating movement throughout the work allowing for a more organic composition than seen in Chagall’s other works. I personally enjoy this crayon like effect of the different brush strokes as it adds a sense of softness and rawness to the work that allows for it to take on a deeper meaning.  


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