Artistic Inspiration: Jean-Pierre Cassigneul (French, 1935-)

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Jean-Pierre Cassigneul has been painting his extraordinary work since the 1950’s. His first show was in 1952 in Paris, when he was just 17 years old. He is known for creating works of women in floral hats that often reflect the fashion or the trends of the time….Cassignuel paintings embrace the flat, bright colors forming his compositions. The frequent use of a dark outline to define the shape of a sailboat or a woman’s silhouette are reminiscent of woodblock imagery. His subjects are also of everyday scenes as if you have just walked into a moment in time [‘A Closer Look at Jean-Pierre Cassigneul,’ Ackerman’s Fine Art Blog].

Though still living, Cassigneul’s aesthetic reflects that of his predecessors: he was greatly influenced by the early 20th century Post-Impressionist group Les Nabis– Pierre Bonnard, Edourard Vuillard, Maurice Denis, et al- as well as by the work of Dutch Expressionist and Fauvist Kees Van Dongen.