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Art Tattler is “a journalistic-style reiterative web-based intervention of the organizational and curatorial aspects of exhibitions around the world.” It publishes a comprehensive directory of extended form exhibition listings, and also provides commentary in the form of solicited & unsolicited, signed criticism, reviews, opinions and essays.

  • Mike Miller, Publisher & Webmaster 
  • Hallie Smith, Editor 
  • Blair Schulman, Associate Editor

A few favorites from the archives:

Primitivists from Early 20th Century German, Expressionism Begins

(Bauernhöft in Marschlandschaft  (Farmouhouse in Marshland Landscape), ca. 1914. Watercolor. © Nolde, Stiftung Seebull, Photograph Sammlung Hermann Gerlinger).

German Expressionist Works on Paper, an Explosion of Modernism

(Procuress (Kupplerin), 1923. Lithograph, composition (irreg.): 19 1/16 x 14 1/2” (48.4 x 36.8 cm); sheet (irreg.): 23 5/8 x 18 5/16” (60 x 46.5 cm). Riva Castleman Endowment Fund)

A Posthumous Consideration of Cy Twombly at MOCA-LA

(Ferragasto III, Rom, 1961. Oil, wax crayon, lead pencil on canvas, 165 x 200.5 cm. Daros Collection. Schweiz, © Cy Twombly.)

Origins of Color Field Painting and American Post War Abstraction

(Morris Lewis, Floral V [detail], 1959-60. Denver, courtesy of the American Federation of the Arts]

Ernst Kirchner, die Brucke, the Berlin Street, WWI Existentialism

(Reclining Woman in White Chemise, ca. 1909. Oil on canvas, 95 x 121 cm. Stadel Museum, Frankfurt am Main.)

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