A potentially valuable tool for collectors, appraisers and historians of art; entertaining for any person interested in and/or intrigued by visual art. 

The Art Signature Dictionary provides free access to a growing collection of artists’ signatures, biographies, monographs and auction results. For a fee, user’s may search the Art Signature Dictionary’s database of forged art, a project made possible through collaboration with international police authorities (i.e. FBI). 

Resources concerning forgeries:

A small sampling:


(Raoul Dufy, 1924-25)

8.D.37 (Paris, December 8, 1937)

(Pablo Picasso, Bust of a Woman, Paris, December 8, 1937. Oil on canvas. Acq. No. 8.D.37 )

1978, ”Psaumes de David” (Cramer 83, 86, 87,)

(Marc Chagall, ”Psaumes de David”, 1978, [Cramer 83, 86, 87])


(Rembrandt Harmenszoon Van Rijn, 1636)

Signature by: PRENDERGAST, Maurice Brazil

(Maurice Prendergast, Date Not Indicated)


(Gustave Courbet, 1866)


(Mary Cassatt, 1907-08)


(Jean Dubuffet, 1965)

Signature by: BEARDEN, Romare Howard

(Romare Howard Bearden, 1985)

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