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A comprehensive and annotated index of websites

Zeroland is an integrated, multilingual arts and culture portal that contains authoritative web sources evaluated for quality, relevancy and currency.  Sources are indexed alphabetically and topically (by subject, genre, period, name or country). To ensure quality control of content, the directory is updated and maintained on a daily basis.

Since its inception in 2000, Zeroland has championed the inherent value of the arts in enriching the lives of people. It is intended for use by the casual, interested visitor, as well as by students, academics, arts or media professionals.

A brief note on its name:

‘Zero,’ or the numeral ‘0,’ is intended to suggest ideas of unity, ‘bounded’ infinity and, combined with ‘land,’ a sort of neutral, borderless, ‘virtual’ country existing only on the internet – a nowhereland (Samuel Butler’s novel Erewhon – ‘nowhere’ spelt backwards). Zeroland was also founded around the year 2000 (the year of the three zeroes)

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