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WHAT? is an online magazine aimed to offer an original, independent point of view about the art world, its news, events, protagonists, glories and miseries. All contents are free and displayed either in English and in Spanish, which represents hundreds of millions of potential visitors over the world.


The ‘Alma Mater’ of is Spanish architect Mr. Gabriel Fernández. If you want to contact him, just e-mail him


Conscious of that the inevitable globalization has arrived to the Art world, tries to provide a global, international overview of the contemporary Art, with a special interest in the artists of today. In addition, frequently publishes the most important news of the Art world, with a special interest in the erupting Art market, and the most relevant exhibitions of the Art world.

WHEN? has been online since February 2006. See the “Our history in screenshots” gallery on the right to learn more about our evolution.





Featured Content (All content is authored & updated by Gabriel Fernández)