TerminArtors – “World’s largest artist, artwork & museum database”

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“World’s largest artist, artwork & museum database”


TerminArtors is the first community-based interactive painting gallery in the world. From the medieval era to the most recent trends, you will find tens of thousands of carefully categorized paintings, artists, and museums.  Free registration allows you to start a blog, create galleries, and engage in discussion with fellow art enthusiasts. The site allows anyone to upload new artworks, artists and museums; and encourages interaction through commentary & open forums.

Core Philosophy

“Art is simple, but powerful. We live in a wide variety of cultures and societies. Our values are also different and, sadly, many times conflicting in one way or another. Art is one of the few achievements of mankind that is generally and widely accepted and appreciated. Art is universal, powerful, and makes us more human. Instead of dividing, art, at its best, brings us together in enjoyment and understanding. Art is the universal language.”