Above: Mikhail Larionov, Flowers On The Table, Date unknown.

“[Larionov’s] Fauvist painting quickly produced unusually violent colour, though with an extraordinary underlying lyricism. The intensity of his « anti-cultural » reaction led him as early as 1911 to an anti-academic reaction which he himself denoted as «primitivism ». To Larionov, « primitivism » meant the negation of academic canons of representation, recourse to « free drawing », and the glorification of what had formerly been considered « a-cultural » : Expressionist « ugliness » and popular imagery. At this point his talent as a colourist took him to a first apex, as shown by certain virtually monochrome paintings made in 1912 and a remarkable series of « black » portraits done in ink.”
-Art Historian Andrei Nakov, 1992