Open Folklore (OF) Project

Open Folklore
Open Folklore

Open Folklore


About:  The aim of Open Folklore – a collaborative project between the American Folklore Society, the Indiana University Bloomington Libraries, and the Indiana University Digital Library Program – is open access and preservation of Folklore research materials including books, journals, websites, and grey literature (unpublished material). The project attempts to make these materials open and freely accessible on the web.  As a recipient of the 2011 Outstanding Collaboration Citation Award from the Association for Library Collections & Technical Services (ALCTS) division of the American Library Association, “…open Folklore serves as a new model for collection development and scholarly communication for building digital collections of the future.

An increasing amount of this material is published on the Internet, but the Internet is notoriously ephemeral and lacks dependable preservation, making it difficult to reliably locate material after the passage of time. Generic Internet search engines like Google are not precise, especially in a popular field like folklore. Identifying reliable scholarly content in a sea of popular, and sometimes unreliable, online content poses a greater challenge for those interested in folklore topics than it does in other areas of scholarship.

Vision:  Ultimately, Open Folklore will become a multi-faceted resource, combining digitization and digital preservation of data, publications, educational materials, and scholarship in folklore; promoting open access to these materials; and providing an online search tool to enhance discoverability of relevant, reliable resources for folklore studies.


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